Employee surveillance – is it legal? (NSW)

In New South Wales (NSW), the law allows employers to monitor their employees, both overtly and covertly. However, employers do not have an unlimited right to spy on their employees. With the rise of work from home, employers should also be aware of the legalities of...

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Common misconceptions about estate planning

An estate plan involves more than signing a Will and leaving it in a safe place. An effective estate plan requires consideration of several matters and ongoing review to ensure it reflects your testamentary wishes and covers unexpected events. In this article, we look...

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Succession Planning for Business Owners

As a business owner, you deal with many responsibilities, including having to decide what to do with your business when you move on. Sometimes the logical endgame for a business is to be wound up, but in most cases, the aim is a smooth transition to new ownership....

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Conveyancing then and now

Conveyancing has seen a change from “chain of title” for deeds of conveyance (Old System Land) to what we call “Torrens Title” under the Real Property Act. Servicing clients on both sides of the Albury-Wodonga Border has been the mainstay of this practice which...

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